Passengers attending Sicilian airports

A thorough infographic about the growing interest of tourists in the Sicily region has been published today on the following website.
This infographic illustrates the number of travellers whose attendance was recorded in the Sicilian airports through the years 2006 to 2015. People should notice that the little airport of Comiso has registered a steady increase of passengers thanks most of all to the low cost airline company Ryanair whose routes now include Dusseldorf Weeze and Milan Malpensa; and the trend is about to grow this year as well as many tour operators just cancelled many routes to the traditional holiday destinations.

Moreover, Ryanair’s passenger traffic in Comiso grew 8 times more than in any other Italian airport, 24% compared to last year precisely. We should notice also that the airports of Comiso and Catania are collaborating in creating a kind of airport system in the eastern Sicily and this led to the fact that the passengers transited in these 2 airports in the year 2015 were almost 7 million. This overall result confirms a full integration between the activities of the two airports, which are the true gateway to the territory of eastern Sicily.

With a rising amount of low-cost air companies (not only Ryanair) flying to the island of Sicily and with new routes becoming added on a steady basis it’s no surprise that Sicily is becoming a not to be missed spot in the Mediterranean Sea.

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